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Little Gems Training Centre


Member of 
The Montessori Group & Montessori Centre International

Montessori Centre International (MCI) is one of the world’s leading providers of Montessori training to meet the needs of Educators and specifically Early Years communities in the UK and around the world.
The Montessori Group is a global leader in Montessori provision, supporting quality Montessori education throughout the world through social impact, training, quality assurance and support for families and educators. 
Little Gems Traning Centre (LGTC) belongs to both.


About Little Gems Training Centre

A Learning Environment for Everyone

Since 2014, Little Gems Training Centre has been part of the Montessori Movement from the early 2000s to now where adults from across the globe have come to understand and apply the Montessori method in their classrooms. With a broad range of fully stocked Montessori classroom and a deep understanding of the Montessori philosophy, the LGTC is an exceptional environment for anyone wanting to learn more about this fascinating form of early childhood education.

The LGTC operates within an active Montessori preschool where children come and play everyday. The educators at the LGTC are working early years educators that deliver individualised curriculum to each child everyday. In the same way as we approach child learning, we apply the same method to our adult students. At the LGTC we use a variety of learning techniques to ensure that our adult students are receiving an education based upon their strengths and individual learning styles. 

Collaboration with Westwood College UK

Little Gems Training Centre is designed with the adult in mind where fully equipped Montessori classrooms can be explored by students from all educational backgrounds. Westwood College UK collaborates with LGTC to use the premises and adult classrooms to offer aspects of their diploma including their variety of face-to-face workshops and trainings.

Meet Carola

The owner and director, Carola Lång-Howard – MA., BA Hons., Mont. Dipl. – is a qualified Montessorian with several years of experience in the field of Early Childhood. Her interest in Montessori began 30 years ago when she became a mother.  She had the opportunity to study the Montessori philosophy and method while living in Kuwait.  There she began her career by initially working as an assistant teacher while studying, and as a Directress when qualified. 


In 1997 Carola and her family moved to Bahrain where she decided to start up her own Montessori Nursery.  She became a Montessori pioneer as it was very much a new concept to Bahrain and as a result the Montessori philosophy is now well known.


In 1999 Carola and her family relocated to London where she furthered her career by becoming a Montessori Teacher Trainer and later began to lecture at MCI.  She is also a Montessori examiner and a Teaching Practice Tutor.   


In June 2013, Carola opened Little Gems in Cyprus after the success of her first school in Nicosia, this time in the coastal city of Larnaca. Little Gems Montessori Larnaca began to hold Apparatus Workshops in 2014 and received its centre approval in 2015. It will be here that the Apparatus Workshop will be held, as with its fabulous premises it is an ideal learning environment for adults as well as children.

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