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I have said that the only thing better than the Little Gems Apparatus workshop would have been a time machine to 1907 San Lorenzo Rome, to learn from Dr Maria Montessori herself. The lectures, the environment and especially the equipment (particularly some of the lovingly hand made activity trays ... are available in a caring setting. Carola and Emma's passion for the Montessori approach is contagious and made me a better student and a better practitioner. I'll never forget the experience and hope to return for 'refresher' courses throughout my career

It was a very rewarding experience. From the presentation of the Montessori material to the individual attention we all received, both Emma and Carola did an exemplary job at ensuring the workshop added value to each of us. Thank you for helping us through our journey and enabling us in becoming good Montessori practitioners.

I use more knowledge today that I gained at the workshop than from much of the assignments during the study period.

It was very tiring but an experience that will stay with me for life as I still smile & get water in my eyes as I was fortunate to laugh, learn and share experiences with other Montessorians from across the globe. Friendships formed I’m sure will last a lifetime with both students and tutors. I was made to feel very at home and could cook food as we all enjoyed Easter together as we were away from our children and families on our unique learning journey and had the best time.

Valuable as a refresher for me and also as an introduction for the other staff members.

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