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Empowered Women's Wellness &

Nurturing Your Body and Reproductive Health

Grace is a Midwife since 2007 with a European experience and
certification, holding an Executive Master’s degree in Health
Management and founder of Belnaissance perinatal care, Trilingual -Arabic, French and English - practicing in Nicosia region.
Living her passion in the world of perinatality, ready to support
you during your childbirth & postnatal journey.
Grace being a mother of three and having accompanied hundreds of expecting couples, will be able through her developed approach to empower you and help you understand your body so
you will be able to transform concerns and fears into an energetic positive boost of emotions! Welcoming your child into the world in a warmheartedness
She believes that every couple need to be informed about childbirth and perinatal period and she adopts a say of dr Odent:
“to change the world we must first change the way babies are being born”

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